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How do I teach?

Last week I had the honour to receive an award from the Amsterdam Young Academy (AYA) for my contributions in teaching in the BSc in mathematics at the University of Amsterdam. I thought of many things during this time, and I wanted to write some thoughts down.

What is good science communication?

Suppose you are starting with a new science communication project, you immediately think of some ideas like a website or a series of articles. But you also realize immediately that you are competing with so many other science communication initiatives. What is a good way to choose what to do?

Summer of Math Exposition

The Summer of Math Exposition (SoME) is an annual competition organized by 3Blue1Brown to foster the creation of excellent math content online.

Creating something beautiful

During the last semester, I had the pleasure of working with eleven great teams of students in various projects. All of these projects aimed at improving the teaching and communication of mathematics in society.

An eye opener about writing

I like writing. I like writing about everything. About journeys, my biking trips, about people I meet, about mathematics, events that I visit, about my teaching.

Abel prize 2023 to Luis A. Caffarelli

The Abel Committee has awarded Luis A. Caffarelli the 2023 Abel Prize for his seminal contributions to the study of nonlinear partial differential equations.

New breakthrough about Ramsey numbers?

In a seminar talk in Cambridge this week, Julian Sahasrabudhe announced that he, together with his colleagues Marcelo Campos, Simon Griffiths and Rob Morris, had obtained an exponential improvement to the upper bound for Ramsey's theorem.