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How do I teach?

Last week I had the honour to receive an award from the Amsterdam Young Academy (AYA) for my contributions in teaching in the BSc in mathematics at the University of Amsterdam. I thought of many things during this time, and I wanted to write some thoughts down.

What is good science communication?

Suppose you are starting with a new science communication project, you immediately think of some ideas like a website or a series of articles. But you also realize immediately that you are competing with so many other science communication initiatives. What is a good way to choose what to do?

An eye opener about writing

I like writing. I like writing about everything. About journeys, my biking trips, about people I meet, about mathematics, events that I visit, about my teaching.

Back to school!

Last month I was back in the classroom. But this time the kiddos in my class were quite younger than I'm used to: instead of a class of university students, this time I had an enthusiastic group of school students in front of me.

A wonderful journey immersing in discrete mathematics

Last January I was very pleased to attend an annual summer school in discrete mathematics in Valparaíso, Chile. It was the very first time for me to attend such a summer school overseas as a master’s student. It was a wonderful journey, especially when discussing mathematics.

Abel prize 2023 to Luis A. Caffarelli

The Abel Committee has awarded Luis A. Caffarelli the 2023 Abel Prize for his seminal contributions to the study of nonlinear partial differential equations.