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Summer of Math Exposition

The Summer of Math Exposition (SoME) is an annual competition organized by 3Blue1Brown to foster the creation of excellent math content online.

Creating something beautiful

During the last semester, I had the pleasure of working with eleven great teams of students in various projects. All of these projects aimed at improving the teaching and communication of mathematics in society.

Rescue mission!

An ad hoc wireless network is a decentralized type of wireless network. See how these networks enable a self-regulating rescue!

How does a video go viral on Twitter?

There are various parameters that determine whether a video will go viral or not. The content plays a role of course but who uploads the video is also important. What do networks have to do with a video going viral?

Winners of the NETWORKS challenge

Tectonic puzzles and the purpose of life. Did you know that these topics are related to Networks? Find out more through the two winning movies of the NETWORKS challenge!

Small worlds and six degrees of separation

Social networks are remarkably small, in the sense that you can hop between any two individuals in them using only a few hops. This video explains what such small-world networks are, why social networks are so small.

Influence in complex networks

Friends influence each other in their opinion of many aspects of life. In this video we describe how the level of connectedness in a social network relates to the extent in which individuals in it influence each other.

Complex networks

Many aspects in our daily life can be displayed as a network consisting of elements and the connections between them. This is explained in a playful manner in this video.