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Dr. Clara Stegehuis, mathematician at Twente University, has been selected as one of the 'thirty talents under thirty' in Elsevier Weekblad. 

Clara is a mathematician and an assistant professor at Twente University. Her research lies at the intersection of probability theory, graph theory, and stochastic networks. 

Frontpage of EW - May 2021

Besides her research Clara actively participates in science initiatives and events aiming at popularizing mathematics. To name just a few, Clara used to write blog posts during her Ph.D. for Faces of Science, an initiative of the Dutch Academy of Sciences and Arts; she also maintains together with Francesca Arici from the University of Leiden a column in the mathematics magazine of the Dutch Association of Mathematics ((Nieuw Archief voor Wiskunde). In their column, named "Proof by example", Clara and Francesca interview women mathematicians about their work, interests, and ambitions. Clara has also given various talks on events aiming at popularizing science, for example in the first masterclass NETWORKS goes to school meant for high school students and also at the webinar "Mathematics and Covid-19: social networks modelling and the spread of infectious diseases" organized by the Dutch Academy of Sciences and Arts. 

We would like to cordially congratulate Clara on this achievement!