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About the NetworkPages

This website contains all kinds of information and content regarding networks and network theory. We aim to show all types of content providing information about networks: videos, demos, articles, blogs, datasets, illustrations and everything else not on this list. You may use all the content of this website for free, as long as you mention this website (and the original source of the content, if applicable). If you have material to add to this website, please contact us.

About the difficulty levels

We are aware that network theory can be viewed on many levels of difficulty. Therefore we have marked the content with difficulty levels, when appropriate. We have destinguished the following difficulty levels:

  1. : Equivalent of 8th grade of primary school. These contents will show no mathematical formulas and contain simple language.
  2. : Equivalent of 5th or 6th grade of high school. These contents may contain some basic maths, draw harder-to-follow conclusions, use some terminology or need some specific knowledge to comprehend fully.
  3. : Equivalent of Bachelor or Master level. These contents may contain intermediate mathematics, use difficult or specific terminology, refer to scientific work, apply advanced logic or need an introductionary course (e.g. Graphs 101) to comprehend fully.
  4. : Equivalent of post-Master/Academic level. These contents contain sophisticated mathematics and need a lot of background knowledge to comprehend.

The main objective of these difficulty levels is give you an idea of the difficulty you can expect before you start reading.